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These are just the right mix of douchy and nerdy I was looking for.

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I just gotta ask my folks. Don’t leave without me.

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Myself(zacktherippercosplay) as Jack Frost Cosplaying as Elsa
And my friend Julie as Elsa Cosplaying Jack Frost!
Metrocon was super CHILL! ;p

nice legs

Fucking beautiful legs

Elsa don’t need no shaved legs.


When ur hair won’t listen to you and its a mess and ur just like ???? I grew you myself??? I gave you life and this is how you repay me??

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levi’s a sexy mofo just sayin

wait.. what?
I went into a store today to buy my girlfriend a gift and they asked me to leave because of my appearance, which was strange but it’s happened before so it’s not the end of the world. Just a little frustrating.
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Kingdom Hearts: This or That?
1. Sora or Riku?
2. Sora or Roxas?
3. Riku or Roxas?
4. Roxas or Ventus?
5. Aqua or Terra?
6. Namine or Xion?
7. Kairi or Namine?
8. Xion or Aqua?
9. Terra or Riku?
10. Riku or Axel?
11. Axel or Roxas?
12. Roxas or Kairi?
13. Sokai or Soriku?
14. Akuroku or Rokushi?
15. Destiny Islands or Twilight Town?
16. Hollow Bastion or The World That Never Was?
17. Xigbar or Xaldin?
18. Larxene or Saix?
19. Ventus or Axel?
20. Mickey or Donald?
21. Donald or Goofy?
22. Goofy or Mickey?
23. Kingdom Key or Oblivion?
24. Oathkeeper or Way To Dawn?
25. Paopu Fruit or Wayfinder?
26. Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2?
27. Days or COM?
28. BBS or 3D?
29. Traverse Town or Land of Departure?
30. Vanitas or Namine?
31. Ventus or Vanitas?
32. Xehanort or Xemnas?
33. Land of Dragons or Beast's Castle?
34. Neverland or Halloween Town?
35. Atlantica or Pride Lands?
36. Wonderland or Deep Jungle?
37. Prankster's Paradise or La Cité des Cloches?
38. 100 Acre Wood or Agrabah?
39. Castle Oblivion or Deep Space?
40. Disney Castle or Disney Town?
41. Dwarf Woodlands or Enchanted Dominion?
42. End of the World or Keyblade Graveyard?
43. Olympus Coliseum or Port Royal?
44. Symphony or Sorcery or Space Paranoids?
45. KH 1.5 or KH 2.5 (when it comes out)?
~Future World Possibilities~
46. Treasure Planet or Wreck It Ralph?
47. Tangled or Frozen?
48. Robin Hood or Aristocats?
49. Basil the Great Mouse Detective or Oliver and Company?
50. The Rescuers or The Fox and The Hound?
51. Pixar or No Pixar?
52. Star Wars or No Star Wars?
53. Marvel or No Marvel?

Today I got kicked out of a used video game store for wearing guys clothes….

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